1st Book: Bereshith (Genesis)

From the beginning of beginnings and the garden of Eden, to Noach’s ark, the patriarchs Abraham, Yitshaq and Ya’acob’s journeys, struggles and history, all the way to Yahuseph (Yoseph) in Mitsrayim (Egypt), this book is full of rich history and so much more!

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Torah Portions 1.1: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 1-6:8

1.1This week’s Torah Portion is called Bereshith (בראשית), the Hebrew word that means “ in the beginning.” The first book in the Scriptures is called Bereshith (Genesis). It is also the first word of the book in the Hebrew text. In Bereshith, we learn about the start of creation.

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Torah Portions 1.2: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 6:9-11:32

Noah's Ark - After The Flood Hd HD Desktop BackgroundThis week’s Torah Portion is called Noach (נח), the Hebrew word related to “ rest, or comfort.” Genesis 5:29 says, ” and (they) called his name Noach saying , “This one does comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which YHWH has cursed.”

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Torah Portions 1.3: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 12:1-17:27

pharaohThis Torah Portion is called Lech Lecha (לך לך), and it means “ you go forth.” The first verse says, “And YHWH said to Abram, “Go yourselves (Lech Lecha) out of your land, from your relatives and from your father’s house, to a land which I show you.”

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Torah Portions 1.4: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 18:1-22:24

BrimstoneThis Torah Portion is called Vayeira (וירא) and it means “and HE appeared.” The first verse says, “And YHWH appeared (Vayeira) to him by the oaks of Mamre, while he was sitting in the tent door in the heat of the day.”

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Torah Portions 1.5: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 23:1-25:18

Camel DrinkingThis Torah Portion is called Chayei Sarah (חיי שרה ), and it means “ Sarah’s life.” This time we learn about Sarah’s passing away and Yitshaq’s wife coming along. This Torah portion has love, and also sorrow. How Abraham mourns his wife after her passing, and how at the end of this portion, Abraham is laid to rest beside his wife Sarah.

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Torah Portions 1.6: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 25:19-28:9

This Torah Portion is called Toldot (תולדות), and it means “ Family History.” Toldot tells alot about Yitshaq’s family life, as well as Ya’acob’s deception in order to receive the family blessing.

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Torah Portions 1.7: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 28:10-32:2

This Torah Portion is called Vayetze (ויצא), and it means “and he went out”, just as the first verse of our torah portion says, “And Ya’acob went out from Be’ersheba..” (Bereshith 28:10). This portion tells us about Ya’acob’s life after leaving home. It’s about working for his uncle Laban and how Ya’acob gets deceived this time!

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Torah Portions 1.8: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 32:3-36:43


This week’s Torah Portion is called Vayishlach (וישלח), and it means “He sent ”. “And Ya’acob sent messengers before him to Esaw his brother..”. In this sad lesson, we learn not only about Ya’acob reuniting with his brother Esaw, but his daughter being captured, Rahel passing away and his father Yitshaq passing away too.

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Torah Portions 1.9: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 37:1-40:23


This week’s Torah Portion is called Vayeshev (וישב), and it means “ He settled, or he dwelt .” The first verse of this portion reads, “Now Ya’acob dwelt (vayeshev) in the land of his father’s sojournings..”. However, this torah portion is mostly about Yoseph (Yahuseph) and his life in Mitsrayim (Egypt).

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Torah Portions 1.10: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 41:1-44:17

baker6This Torah Portion is called Miketz (מקץ), and it means “the end of”. “And it came to be at the end of (Miketz) two years time, that Pharaoh had a dream..” Yahuseph (Yoseph) understood that dream interpretations belong to YHWH, and because of his dream interpretations and berikah (blessings) from YHWH, Yahuseph becomes a powerful man in Mitsrayim (Egypt) and later, encounters his brothers.

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Torah Portions1.11: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 44:18-47:27

This week’s Torah Portion is called Vayigash (ויגש), and it means “came near”. In the first sentence of this portion, it says, “And Yahudah came near (Vayigash) to him..”. Yahudah begs to take the place of BenYammin (Benjamin) as a slave in Egypt (Mitsrayim) and Yahuseph (Joseph) reveals himself to his brothers.

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Torah Portions 1.12: Bereshith (Genesis) Chapters 47:28-50:26

This week’s Torah Portion is called Vayechi (ויחי), meaning, “And He Lived”. The first sentence of this portion says, “And Ya’acob lived in the land..”. Ya’acob’s time comes to pass away and later on, Yahuseph’s (Yoseph’s) also.

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