Special Thanks

Thanks again for visiting the official Messenger of the Name website!

We cannot fully express our genuine appreciation enough to ALL the viewers that have enjoyed the videos over the years and all the positive feedback we have ever received. Without your reinforced encouragement, uplifting words, prayers and friendships-

all the times, efforts and countless hours of study, research, filming, editing and everything in-between would feel lost; never knowing where and who and if anyone was moved in any way to learn more about the Name of the most high and all his ways.

A very special thank you to all of Messenger of the Name’s viewers, subscribers, supporters, and friends that have continued to spread the news by recommending Messenger of the Name’s teachings.

We would also like to express our huge thanks to our team of featured artists, friends and supporters for all our collaborations and their unsurpassed accompaniments in music, video translations, web support, promotions, special designs and so much more.

Just knowing the videos, teachings and friendship has effected you in a positive way motivates us to continue striving to bring a global awareness of the set-apart name of YHWH NAME to a world that needs to realize it.

Thanks for all you do.