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Currently, The Feasts of YaHuWaH” series is completed and is available to watch instantly online for free. Check out our Video Gallery to view all the feast videos and more. 

We also have two very resourceful Torah Study pages, ‘Torah Portion Highlights’, which are posts by Messenger of the Name and ‘Kids Learning’,  a Torah Portions page specifically for the youth that gives great and accurate short summaries of the chapters you are reading but in a more understandable edition for younger learners or those looking for an easy read.

Of course, there is also Messenger’s Blog page and the Books page, all available on the official website of Messenger of the Name! Our team has worked vigorously for countless hours to bring you an official site and thankfully, it is finally here! We hope you’ll enjoy the site and find use of all the pages, features and NEW editions here.

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