Study Tools & Downloads

Are you starting out and looking for a few study tools? Here we’ve compiled a very brief and simple comprehensive list of reputable resources we recommend for your beginning studies.


The Scriptures version is the most accurate translation in English using the set-apart name.  There are many translations that have plagiarized this version, so at this time we can only recommend this particular English version.

Concordance & Lexicon:

Strong’s Concordance is the most widely known concordance, and includes Greek and Hebrew dictionaries. It uses an alphabetical listing of words and phrases, and index where those terms occur throughout the Scriptures.  Gesenius’ Lexicon is a study resource that helps in understanding the origins and root meaning of the ancient Hebrew language.

  • Strong’s Concordance


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  • Gesenius’ Lexicon

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An Interlinear is a resourceful tool that reflects an abundance in language references. These are the only complete interlinear scriptures available in English.


Josephus and Philo are both 1st century Yahudi (Jewish) historians with excellent and exhaustive commentaries.  Both works would be an exceptional addition for any Hebraic studies or reading lists, as well as of sustained interest to scholars and students of Mideast and Mediterranean antiquity.


The Scriptures PDF Download File