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We like to make it clear that we offer ALL of Messenger of the Name’s teachings FOR FREE and have worked diligently to make them all readily available to watch instantly on our site, via the Video Gallery!

However by viewer demand, we also offer a select few of our videos that have been specially packaged and cellophane wrapped by professional companies for the purpose of having well-packaged DVDs available as gifts for your convenience. We understand the need to pass on accredited information in a proper, conventional way that not only delivers sound information, but meets the expectation to see something that looks recognized AND is an item that they can physically take home and show to others in a confident way.

  • Restoring the Creator’s Name: Ha’Shem Revealed

    What is His Son’s Name?

    YAHUWAH Giver of All Life

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We also try to carry the plain DVDs in a small blank slip as well! As available, we can ship these out to you for only the cost of shipping. When resources are available, we like to make these accessible for viewers unable to donate but would like to receive free DVDs. Again, these are only feasible when resources are possible. If you are interested to learn more about how you can receive a free DVD, please feel free to contact Us!

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