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Of course! In the book of Yoel (Joel) 2:31 we are told that all who call upon the name of YHWH NAME shall be delivered/saved.  The Hebrew word for call upon is ‘qara’; which literally means- to profess, to preach, and PRONOUNCE.  We are commanded hundreds of times to ‘qara’ the name throughout the scriptures.  If we cannot know the name, to call upon it would mean no one could find redemption.

No, there is not a perfect English translation. There are nonetheless, some great versions in English; one of the best being ISR’s ‘The Scriptures’. However, though many times it is accurate, because it is a translation the English does not fully reflect the depth of the rich Hebrew language. For instance, the favorite Kings James version originally included a typo in the ten commandments that read, “thou SHALL commit adultery”.  In other places, it claims it is kosher to eat unclean beetles.

It is also vital to note that every single letter in Hebrew is important. Sometimes, one English word cannot properly convey the Hebrew translation. For this reason, the most accurate version IS HEBREW.

If you cannot read Hebrew, there are tools available such as an interlinear and lexicons to get a better understanding of the original intent.

To keep this short, the books of Tehillim (Psalms) say that the Torah of YHWH NAME is perfect, converting the soul.  We know that in the last times there will be more wichkedness than any previous generation. The Messiah declared that “not one jot or tittle should pass from the law until ALL is completed”. He goes on to say, that “until the heavens and the earth pass, not one letter shall pass from the Torah”.  He also states that at the judgement many shall say that they did mighty works in his name, but he will tell them, “depart from me you who work lawlessness”.  This literally means, you who break the Torah. Therefore since we are in the last age, theTorah is still perfect for converting the soul. We don’t want to be told to depart from the Messiah because of our lawlessness.

A literal book could be written on this topic.

First it is important to understand that the Torah is the constitution for the nation of Yashrael (Israel). Compared to the laws in America which range from somewhere approx. 2 million, the 613 commandments are FAR less. It is also important to know that not all commandments apply to each individual. For example, some laws are just for women. Some are just for the kohenim (priests) and others are specifically for the temple and so on. It is of the upmost importance for new believers that guard the name to particiapte in the mikvah (physical water immersion) and begin with the rulings of Acts 15. In short meaning, they should stop commiting adultery, idol worship, eating things that are strangled and blood. They are also to learn the words of Mosheh (Moses) on the sabbath day.  YHWH NAME knows that we would all come to knowledge at different phases of our lives, so it is a learning process, though every commandment is important.

Yes, the Messiah’s name is Yahuwshuwa, and he lived in the 1st century.  He is the promised seed of King David, the lion of the tribe of Yahudah (Judah).   He was killed by the romans and resurrected after 3 days and 3 nights.  Today he is ruling at the right hand of YaHuWaH Aluahym.  He is the primary focus of the teachings and it is because of him that I learned the relevence of the pronucication of the fathers name.

For clarification purposes, a testament in English defines a document that is issued at one’s death. This does NOT describe what is called ‘The New Testament’. The accurate term in Hebrew is ‘Brit Chadasha’, which literally means ‘covenant renewed’ and was prophesized to come by Yerimiyahu (Jerimiah) 31:31. I cannot emphasize how important it is to study the Aramaic and Hebrew texts, as well as the culture of the first century to fully understand the important truth of the real Brit Chadasha.

While it should be understood that Aramaic is a SISTER language and Yahuwshuwa would have definitely been able to understand it, the renewed convenant never uses the word for Aramaic. Whether it be in the Greek or the Aramaic scripture, both unanimously say that he and his taught ones spoke the Hebrew language.

For starters, many words have been adopted into the English language from Hebrew. We can look at halleuYAH and amen, for instance. Knowing what the words mean matters. But more important than that, is the fact that the Creator of the universe created ALL things seen and unseen with the Hebrew language.

All of the prophets from Bereshit (Genesis) to Revelation spoke Hebrew and recorded the scriptures originally in Hebrew. Therefore, the Hebrew language gives us insight into the beliefs of the prophets and the very heart and mind of the Creator himself.

Names are always transliterated in today’s culture. No matter where I go, my name remains the same. When you look at the Kings James version, you’ll see the first man’s name- Adam. This is a Hebrew word, yet it is not covered up or hidden, but very commonly pronounced. Even worse than this are words like satan, chemosh, molech and ashtoroth. All of which are names we are forbidden to use, yet they were translated perfectly into the Kings James version. The Creator’s name has been covered up with vague English titles that are not translations or transliterations of his name. Kings and presidents and rulers never have their names translated, but always transliterated. This can be observed on the local news for example. YHWH NAMEis far more important than any king, or any man, or any IDOL. He has COMMANDED us to call on his Name. Most people have said halleuyah or are familiar with it. Halleu- means to praise you, and YAH- is the short form of YHWH. It is ridiculous to think that you should use that word and yet have a problem with saying the name.