Messenger of the Name

A word about the teachings:

The purpose of these teachings and films is to bring forth a global awareness of The Name of our Creator, YHWH NAME.  The inspiration to do videos came from learning the name of YHWH NAME and how it wasn’t being recognized and honored in the way it should. Teaching materials became a first and foremost priority to inform the people. There are many who really love the father and don’t know his name or perhaps don’t even understand the reverence and importance of it.  Informative study tools are also needed for those that do know The Name and appreciate elaborate documentaries.

One thing that sets Messenger of the Name’s teachings apart is the thorough investigation and research that goes as far as ancient geography and archaeology sources, Hebrew and Aramaic, historical records and documentations that support the scriptures. The extent and wealth of information speaks for itself and goes beyond those stating they are vaguely teaching Hebrew roots.

“Before learning the Name, I already kept and studied deeply about the commandments but it was the NAME that added the oil to my lamp and set a fire to proclaim the Name of YHWH NAME

Messenger of the Name has a background in teaching scripture and has studied the word for most of his life. However, it wasn’t until a series of events sparked fire a decade ago that lead to an overwhelming search for answers that couldn’t be found with the information he had been given. He was compelled, and there was a new inclination to know the absolute, unadulterated and complete truth. This by default, caused him to reject modern chrisitiany and world religions as we know them. The purpose? To dive souly into what the scriptures strictly taught without the filters, predetermined borders and limitations that come with these. There needed to be no compromise on the fundamental truth of the scriptures!

The hunger was for the Name– There were so many puzzling questions left unanswered, and why didn’t anyone know his name? Shouldn’t all believers know it?

“It was always frustating that most people found it confusing or wouldn’t use the name, whether they knew the truth or not. If they loved him, why didn’t they love his name? The topic had been made overly complicated. I found it was taboo and uncomfortable for people. I thought, this couldn’t properly reflect the people of YHWH NAME. The Creator’s Name deserved more reverence and recognition.”

It became abundantly clear that he would have to continue learning to strive for the truth that couldn’t be found. When diving into research, he found an abundance of information about the name that needed to be searched through. Vasts of material, historical information, and scriptures that needed to be reviewed in order to the learn the FACTS. After countless hours of deep investigation including study, inquiring prayers, research and reading for days on end, he

finally realized why I was here with the realization of his name. He wanted to share it with everyone, and simplify it so that people could understand the material from all ages, children to adults. He now felt personally lead to let the people know his name.  As Jeremiah (YeremiYAHUW) the prophet said “his Name was like fire in my bones”.

This was the birth of Ha’shem Revealed (found below), and now we’re taking it global!

“It has been my mission to create videos that can be well researched, informative, and convincing enough to lead the people to learn more about the name. “

“It is important to make the Name known in the last days, as we know that the name of YHWH NAME will be restored. By doing this, we are essentially fufilling the words of the prophets.”

Ha’Shem Revealed