Giving A Helping Hand

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Do you personally know a believer that is a widow, an orphan, or just in need?

Many times throughout the year, we are reminded of those that are in need and could use a helping hand. Do you personally know someone that is a widow, an orphan, or just in need? We all know someone that is in need in some sort of way, and we would like to give this opportunity to our viewers to nominate someone they know that needs help.

Giving charity, or Tzedakah, is something every one of all ages can do. We encourage you all to help fill the Tzedakah Box and we’ll donate ALL of the tzedakah funds anonymously to one of the ┬árecipients nominated by viewers like YOU!

Who can be nominated?

We really want to encourage viewers to nominate widows and orphans they personally know! However, nominees do NOT have be a widow or orphan in order to be eligible at this time. A nominated person could be ANYONE you know that is simply in need! Perhaps this person is elderly, sick; the list goes on!

Ideally, we would like this group donation to be given once a month. If this begins to look like it can’t be feasible by then, we’ll try to shoot for as soon as enough is accumulated to be a helpful donation.

All recipients will receive their group gift discreetly via signature certified mail including a certified check or money order, and a brief letter stating the gift is from not any single person, but a group of anonymous believers that donated to help a nominated person drawn for assistance.

After the donation has been awarded, we would like to keep the Tzedakah Box going. All previous nominations still relevant will remain on the drawing list until further notice and when enough donations have accumulated, another gift will be sent, and so on.

How long the Tzedakah Box remains to assist others in need is up to how involved everyone gets to keep the charity box going afterwards.

So, the question is:

Who would you like to personally nominate?

Send us a private comment at the bottom of the page below with YOUR name and e-mail, your nominee’s name and contact information and reason for nomination. If we need any additional information, we’ll let you know and thanks for participating!

(100% Charity Donations for the People you Know that Need It!)

When donating to the Tzedakah Box, choose the options shown below:

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