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Thanks for visiting Messenger of the Name’s New Blog Page! Most of the website is fully available and only a few of the pages are not far behind. We appreciate you visiting the brand new website and hope you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to check back for new posts Coming Soon!

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  1. Dear Messenger Of The Name, please send me any new material you have to share. Also, can you please tell where you may be celebrating Sukkot 2019 this year, me and my family would love to celebrate with you and yours! Shalom and much much thanks to you for your teachings. Your inspired work has completely turned my life to the Heavenly Father YHWH and all his magnificent Kodesh Debarim for the rest of my life! You are my very favorite Brother Messenger. Again thank you so very much for all that you do , and may Abba Father YaHuWaH Baruch you and your family.

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