Kids Learning: 3.7 Kedoshim (Wayyiqra) [Leviticus] Chapters 19:1-20:27

 Kedoshim- Shared Reading
Torah Portions 3.7 Kedoshim (Wayyiqra) [Leviticus] Chapters 19:1-20:27

Hebrew Word/Phrase of the Week: Kedoshim

Meaning: “Set-Apart”

This week’s Torah Portion is called Kedoshim (קדושים). Kedoshim (קדושים) means “set-apart (Kodesh) and tells us how we can be set-apart. 

Chapter 19: This time we left off with YHWH telling us the things that we can do to be set-apart. Continuing on, he says to fear your mother and father, guard his sabbaths and don’t turn to idols. And no making moulded images either (to worship). A few other things he tells us is to remember the poor and strangers in harvesting time. To do this, YHWH said when collecting your harvest, not to completely harvest the corners, and to leave those corners of your field for them. Do not steal or lie, and do not oppress or treat people differently because they are rich or poor.


Chapter 20: After telling us some of the things we can do to be set-apart, YHWH brings to our attention some of the things we shouldn’t do- like make offerings to mighty ones, or curse your mother or father. The ones caught doing these things were greatly punished! YHWH reminded the people that he was bringing them to land flowing with milk and honey, and it was their part to behave and keep his commandments.

Want to know more? Join us next time as we continue to read through Wayyiqra (Leviticus)!